An important lesson for me

Tonight I learned an important lesson. We are in the beginning of ourĀ fundraising period, working hard to share the needs of our family and God’s mission in Honduras. We have met with many wonderful people so far, but tonight God had a bigger plan for me. Eric and I have created a pretty power point presentation to help us stay on track as we talk to friends and family – Eric is very passionate and can’t stop talking about the mission – not everyone wants to hear a 4 hour speech šŸ˜‰ . So I finish my talk and get through the awkward money question. My wonderful host brings out fruit and cake, mmmm. Then it happens. The conversation turns more personal and I really start getting to know this couple whom I have been friendly acquaintances with for years. They start sharing stories of how God provided awesome shows of power and provision when they needed it most. Like when my friend needed a bigger bed for her daughter who had suffered a brain injury as a young adult. Funds were tight and my friend decided to buy a used bed from an ad in the newspaper. The cost was $500. She left a message on an answering machine and awaited a response. The call came. Before she could say anything but hello, the stranger on the other end said, “I want you to know that when I picked up the phone to call you back, God told me to give you the bed.”

My biggest prayer request for our family is increased faith. HavingĀ  friends who can pray for us and this missionĀ are more valuable than gold. Having friends who can bolster my faith by reminding me of what God is capable of – priceless. The lesson for this evening is this: Faith-based ministry fundraising is not aboutĀ raising money, it’s aboutĀ raising people, as is everything else the Lord does. Thanks be to God! and Cubby and Lou too.