The Call

How I Got “The Call” – Eric Duplantis

A little over two years ago, a young couple spoke to our church about their missionary efforts in Honduras. I was awe-struck that this young pastor and his wife sold everything they had and took their two young boys to live in the jungle on a mountainside to share Jesus’ love with others as missionaries. I wished I had that kind of faith and felt moved to do something to help them. I made a plea to our church to take a team to Honduras for a week or so to help them in their ministry, but the mission effort never materialized. I continued to pray for the young couple and their ministry and continued to have a burden for the poor people they ministered to. Then, almost a year later while I was watching an “Experiencing God” video with a small group of men in my pastor’s office, I felt God’s definite pull at my heart. He reminded me of several unpleasant experiences from my life – times in my life that caused me to ask God, “Why must I suffer so?” He pointed out to me that I’d been living my life according to my wishes rather than His. He told me He had another plan for my life and if I continued to live life according to my plans, I would continue to suffer such hardships. I truly learned “the fear of the Lord” that day. God was calling me to serve in the mission field in Honduras and I was never so certain of anything before in my life other than my salvation. Never having done even short-term mission work before, that scared the heck out of me. Even though I was terrified, I felt comforted knowing the Father’s perfect will is the best place to be and my response was, “Here I am. Send me!” My wife, Christy, had long yearned to do overseas mission work (something which never before appeared on my radar) and when God “hit me over the head with this spiritual 2×4,” it seemed an answer to her prayers. To make certain I wouldn’t later question my “call,” God’s Holy Spirit quickly confirmed it through the encouragement and actions of others. Since then, we have been wavering between fear of the unknown and euphoria that God is going to do a mighty work. Although Satan has employed many “flaming arrows” in his attempt to deter us, we eagerly await “the things God has prepared for those who love Him” (1Cor 2:9).

Eric and Christy Duplantis, Missionaries to Honduras