Christy’s Story

I was born into a good and loving family. I was raised by excellent     parents who taught me responsibility, kindness, service to others, and brought me to church. By the age of 25 I was a registered nurse,     married, and had a son after 2 years of infertility. My husband had a good job, I had 2 well-adjusted stepdaughters, and I only had to work part-time. It occurred to me one day that I had every thing I thought I needed to be “happy”. Yet, I wasn’t satisfied with life. Do YOU ever feel that way?

One day, while driving, I experienced some road rage frustration.      Seriously, I was losing my temper and feeling sick of myself for doing so. So I turned on the radio for distraction and heard some guy preaching. I thought to myself, “You’re so bad, you are going to LISTEN to that guy!” – like penance 😉 Well, eventually, I calmed down and in the days that followed I found myself enjoying the clean, encouraging    music, and learning things about the scriptures that I never had understood before. A few months later, while driving over the Prospect      Overpass in Houma, Louisiana, a radio preacher said, “Do you need Jesus in your life?” At that moment, I saw myself as the sinner I am, helpless and hopeless without HIM. I told the Lord, “Please take over my life, I can’t go on without you!” I felt a surge of energy from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, and felt a great weight lifted from my heart. I was forgiven! I saw life and the world differently, as if I had been blind, but now could see.

That was in 1998, and I have had my ups and downs. I am no saint, just a normal person who wants to see the glory of her Savior.

Eric and Christy Duplantis, Missionaries to Honduras